Abraham Demoz Prize

Anelia Kudin and Alex Krauska are the winners of 2018 Demoz Prize.

The Abraham Demoz Prize recognizes excellence in Linguistics and will be awarded each year to an undergraduate Linguistics major who is engaged with the Linguistics community at Northwestern University and has achieved excellence in one or more of the following ways:

  • outstanding achievement in coursework across the Linguistics curriculum;
  • independent, original research that contributes to linguistic knowledge, culminating in a paper and/or an oral research presentation;*
  • sustained engagement with and contribution to faculty-directed research, as a research assistant, culminating in a paper and/or an oral research presentation.*

    (Note: *qualifying oral presentations may be given in a class, research group, lab or conference setting)

Eligibility: All juniors and seniors majoring in Linguistics are eligible.

Application: All eligible students are encouraged to submit an application to the department. To apply, a student must submit a personal statement (one page, double-spaced) that highlights the student’s achievements demonstrating excellence in Linguistics. Students who are highlighting involvement in faculty-directed research must name the faculty mentor and time period of their research assistantship. Letters of recommendation from faculty or other mentors are not required. Applications will be reviewed by the Linguistics Awards Committee.

Application deadline: last day of Winter Quarter

Award: The recipient of the Abraham Demoz Prize will be announced early in the spring quarter, and will be recognized in an awards reception held in the latter part of Spring Quarter. The awardee will receive a certificate and a cash prize of $300.

With any other questions about the award, please contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies.