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Undergraduate Program

Jennifer Cole, Director of Undergraduate Studies

Erin Leddon, Director of Undergraduate Studies in Spring 2020

Major | Minor

Requirements for Linguistics Major

Introductory (3 units):

9 courses at the 300-level or beyond. These 9 courses must include 3 of the following:

Only 1 of the 9 advanced courses may be 398/399, and certain exceptions may be granted (e.g. CogSci 210) in consultation with the Director of Undergraduate Studies.

4 related courses. Decisions as to which courses count towards this requirement are generally made on a case-by-case basis. The list of courses related to linguistics on this site offers some guidance, but students must discuss their options in the context of their individual course of study with the Director of Undergraduate Studies.

Requirements for Linguistics Minor

Introductory (3 units)

5 courses beyond the 200-level. These 5 courses must include 2 of the following:

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