Travel Funds - Policies and Procedures

Linguistics Department Policy on Graduate Student Travel Support

General principle:

For each graduate student enrolled in the doctoral program, and without access to their own grant funding, the department will contribute funds towards the costs of one trip per pre-dissertation project, plus up to 2 trips for the dissertation project.

Some details and extra stipulations:

  • Wherever possible, the primary source of graduate student travel funds should be from faculty advisors. Research by graduate students on faculty grants should, to the greatest extent possible, be fully covered by the related grants. For non-grant-related projects, if faculty have access to sufficient discretionary funds, their contribution should meet or exceed the contribution of the department.
  • In all cases, students must apply for matching funds from The Graduate School (TGS) or any other relevant NU resource.
  • Students must apply at least 40 days prior to the first date of travel. If the conference acceptance date is less than 40 days before the conference, TGS funds will likely not be available, but there may be the possibility of department funds.
  • The department contribution will be up to $400 per domestic trip and up to $450 per international trip (in rare cases, exceptions will be considered).
  • This amount will typically be applied to a single conference per project (in keeping with the general principle above). However, if a student wishes to give a second presentation of a given project at an inexpensive local or regional workshops (e.g. MidPhon, CLS, SWAMP), the funds for any single project can be split over two meetings.
  • When selecting conferences as venues for presenting a project, bear in mind that the importance of the meeting, in terms of general academic prestige and the nature of the audience vis à vis the student’s professional development, should be commensurate with the expenses it will incur.

NB: As stated in the Graduate Student Handbook, students must consult with their advisors before submitting an abstract to a conference. This helps to ensure the quality of the work, to maximize its chance of acceptance, and to establish proper authorship. Failure to consult with advisors will lead to denial of departmental funding in support of the conference.

Flow of paperwork in Department:

Send an email to the Department Assistant, cc'ing your faculty advisor on the project, with a:

  • Brief (one sentence) description of your project.
  • Statement regarding any previous support the department has provided for this project.
  • Travel Support Application Form with estimated costs, including anticipated matching funds.

The advisor must reply to this email to confirm that the travel has been approved.

Flow of paperwork for TGS Conference Travel Grant

  1. At least 40 days prior to the first day of travel follow the steps in flow of paperwork in department.
  2. When you receive the approval from both your advisor and the Department Assistant, upload your request to TGS.