McWOP 10 Poster Session

Note for presenters: Display boards will be 4 feet tall by 6 feet wide.

Saturday, October 30, 3:30-5:30
Tessa Bent (Northwestern): Mandarin and English listeners' perception of Mandarin tones in isolation and in context

Malgorzata Cavar (Indiana): [ATR] feature in the description of consonants

Hee Youn Cho, Yoonsook Mo, and Sook-Youn Yoon (UIUC): An acoustic analysis of Korean speakers' production of English vowels

San Duanmu and Nathan Stiennon (Michigan): The weight-stress relation in English words

San Duanmu and Nathan Stiennon (Michigan): Tonal requirements in regulated Chinese verse: A corpus study

Amanda Edmonds (Indiana): Vowel harmony in Tatar and its exceptions

Ashley Farris (Indiana): Loanwords in Fon: a transparent opacity effect

Stefan Frisch, Sarah Hardin, Nikki Martin, Dee Adams Nikjeh, and Adrienne Stearns (South Florida): The USF audiovisual phoneme database, v 1.0

Young-Hyon Heo & Ahrong Lee (Milwaukee): Prosodic, symbolic, and foreign factors in the adaptation of English liquids in Korean

Maria Kondaurova & Alex Francis (Purdue): Perception of American English tense and lax vowels by native speakers of Russian

Ken Konopka (Northwestern): Decoupling pitch range and peak delay in the rise-fall-rise contour

Colin Sprague (Chicago): A constraint based account of floating morae

Julia Wales & George Hollich (Purdue): Factors influencing infants' learning of similar sounding words

Sylvie M. Wodzinski & Stefan Frisch (South Florida): Velar/vowel coarticulation in three talkers

Tae-Jin Yoon (UIUC): Downstep in Boston Radio News Corpus